Septic Death
United States - Boise, ID


01. Sweat of a Nightmare
02. Core of Reality
03. Quit
04. Child
05. Mental Cancer
06. Gore Story
07. Control
08. Advantage
09. Never Trust
10. Fear
11. Hardware
12. Negative Threat

Label: Pusmort Records
Cat #: 0012-01
Format: 12"
Released: 1984


Blistering, savage thrusts of manic thrash that burst forth with frightening intensity. Speakers pulse powerful jettisons of hardcore noise into bleeding ear drums. Listeners writhe and skank with straight-jacket insanity to the low and deadly exorcist growlings of Pushead and his band Septic Death. Viewers' eyes will twitch and congeal as hands grasp the mindboggling, aorta busting graphics carefully jammed into the mail order record sleeves. Oh God, you can take me now!
-Greg C. (from Task #1, March 1985)

Heh, heh. After Pushead's wisecracks at the beginning of his column, I can't wait to review his band's record. Unfortunately, it's good. Oh, well. Actually, it's ferocious. It combines the manic attack of the Boston bands with the recklessness of the best Finnish and Swedish thrash groups. Being a perfectionist, the Pus has worked long and hard on his debut, with excellent results. It should serve as a lesson for many young bands--wait until you've got it together before going public. This shreds.
-Tim Yohannon (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll #12, March 1984)