01. The Faith - It's Time
02. The Faith - Face to Face
03. The Faith - Trapped
04. The Faith - In Control
05. The Faith - Another Victim
06. The Faith - What's Wrong With Me?
07. The Faith - What You Think
08. The Faith - Confusion
09. The Faith - You're X'd
10. The Faith - Nightmare
11. The Faith - Don't Tell Me
12. The Faith - In the Black
13. Void - Who Are You
14. Void - Time to Die
15. Void - Condensed Flesh
16. Void - Ignorant People
17. Void - Change Places
18. Void - Ask Them Why
19. Void - Organized Sports
20. Void - My Rules
21. Void - Self Defense
22. Void - War Hero
23. Void - Think
24. Void - Explode

Label: Dischord Records
Cat #: Dischord 8
Format: split LP
Released: 1982


Two distinct bands share this wax. VOID has all the intensity one expects from a Dischord DC band. Some ferocious attacks and at other times sounds like S.O.A. meets LED ZEPPELIN. FAITH is more standard-type thrash, meat and potatoes '80s punk. Buy or die!
-Tim Yohannan (from Maximum Rocknroll #2, September/October 1982)

Well I've listened to both sides of this album about a dozen times now and I've only had it for a couple of days now. What can I say, Dischord just does not put out bad music, this piece of vinyl is no exception to the rule, it's GREAT. The entire manner in which the album was made puts you in the position to like it, these two bands are extremes in the same world and together on one record they totally send your mind into a shattered mass of disbelief. It's like sitting in a desert and then have snow start falling, do you get what I'm trying to say now? The Faith demands respect with their sound which occasionally shows you shadows of influence from Minor Threat. On to Void which in my mind in unquestionably in class by themselves. Their side of the album is full of surprises that leave you begging for more, no doubt about Void is a band that will have to be reckoned with in the near future. As I already said, Dischord doesn't put out trash, so find the money and buy this album which is like a two for the price of one deal.
-Andy (from Hex on You #4, 1982)

A-side: A twisted excursion through frustration, dejection, eroded trust…spitting out rancor and outbursts of stirring fervor entwined throughout. B-side: Manical pandemonium fortified with rampaging guitar leads…to abyss. Utopia of vinyl...you are doomed without it.
-uncredited (from Straight Edge #2, 1982)