A.K.A. Dirty Rotten Imbeciles
United States - Houston, TX


01. I Don't Need Society
02. Commuter Man
03. Plastique
04. Why
05. Balance of Terror
06. My Fate to Hate
07. Who am I
08. Money Stinks
09. Human Waste
10. Yes Ma'am
11. Dennis's Problem
12. Closet Punk
13. Reaganomics
14. Sad to Be
15. War Crimes
16. Busted
17. Draft Me
18. F.R.D.C.
19. Capitalist Suck
20. Misery Loves Company
21. No Sense
22. Blockhead

Label: Dirty Rotten Records
Format: 7" EP
Released: 1982

Label: R Radical Records/Dirty Rotten Records
Cat#: DRR 1983
Format: LP
Year: 1983

Label: Rotten Records
Cat#: ROTCD 001
Format: CD
Year: 1988

Other info:

CD version contains the Violent Pacification EP.


Mix together the early CIRCLE JERKS, early BLACK FLAG, MDC, MINOR THREAT, SSD, TERVEET KÄDET, and GANG GREEN, and you have something approximating these DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES (so-called by their parents). What can I say--this is manic, intense, tight thrash with great lyrics, and I can't wait till these Houston boys unleash themselves upon the rest of us deprived people. 22 songs.
-Tim Yohannan (from Maximum Rocknroll #5, March/April 1983)