United Kingdom - Nottingham, England

Heresy, along with Ripcord and Napalm Death, helped establish the UK as a premiere source of awesome thrash in the mid to late '80's. Hailing from Nottingham, the band evolved from Plasmid, a band that included Reevsy and Kalv. These two were joined by Reevsy's cousin Steve in 1985, and Heresy was born. The original 3-piece lineup featured Steve on drums, Kalv on bass, and Reevsy taking on guitar and vocals. They hadn't been around for too long before they put songs to vinyl. 1985's Never Healed flexi which was released by Earache (before it was officially Earache). These six tracks were blistering fast thrash with raw production and less metal parts than future recordings. The next record was a split LP with fellow Nottingham punks Concrete Sox. Following the recording, Heresy added a singer so Reevsy would be freer to jump around and go crazy on stage. When this singer refused to go on the tour Heresy had planned with Concrete Sox, they recruited Sox drummer John to fill in. He ended up getting the job permanently after impressing everyone with his crazy jumping ability.

HeresyAt this point Reevsy quit the band and Mitch from Unseen Terror stepped in on guitar. The band rerecorded the vocal tracks for the split LP with John singing in time for the record's release in early 1987. Reevsy's guitar parts and visceral, apocalyptic lyrics stayed, however. The Heresy Mosh Crew and their "network of friends" touring entourage (including the Sox, Ripcord, Stupids, BGK, etc.) started tearing through Europe spreading the good word about speedcore thrash. During this period Heresy recorded an excellent tour-only 7" called Thanks! and did their first Peel session.

The final phase of Heresy began when Mitch left the band and Baz from Ripcord took the job. This is the line-up on the Face Up to It LP, the band's most widely distributed record and, in some respects, their worst. While the songs are still mostly good and interesting, the recording was kind of muddy (apparently the band call the record "face up to it - it's shit"). This record also found Heresy paying homage to US hardcore with a strange medley of Siege and Youth of Today covers (on the flexi that accompanied the Japanese release), as well as adding in some parts that can only be described as 'funky.' John's voice often sounds more like a youth crew singer than the all-out scream of their earlier stuff. The following Whose Generation EP came out better recording-wise. Although the band was adding a lot more metal to the mix they still played with speed and ferocity. Their final release,1989's 13 Rocking Anthems, was compiled from two more Peel Sessions. Despite the cheesy title and layout, this record is still good, fast hardcore punk. Like any good punk band, Heresy broke up while they were still growing in popularity, playing their last show in December of 1988.

HeresyWhere are they now? Steve and Kalv resurfaced in a thrash project called 666Dead, which released an EP then split up. Steve now drums in Wolves of Greece. Baz is back playing with his old Ripcord mates in Dumbstruck. Lost and Found records, that sleazy German label, has put out two discography compilations of Heresy material, entitled Voice Your Own Opinion (with tracks from Face Up to It, Thanks, and Never Healed) and Visions of Fear (with Whose Generation and 13 Rocking Anthems). There is also a one-sided live 7" with three songs from their last show. Just when hardcore in the states was getting stale and formulaic, Heresy and their European brethren came along and gave it a shot of pure adrenaline. Their early material especially is essential for any fan of the fast stuff. A lot of info in this biography came from or overlaps with Graham Sleightholme's excellent piece in Short Fast + Loud no. 5.


NEVER HEALED 7" flexi (Earache Records, 1986)

THANKS! 7" EP (self-released, 1987)

FACE UP TO IT LP (In Your Face Records, 1988)

VOICE YOUR OPINION LP (Dogma Records, 1988)

HERESY 7" flexi (Dogma Records, 1988)

WHOSE GENERATION? 7" EP (In Your Face Records, 1989)

13 ROCKING ANTHEMS LP (In Your Face Records, 1989)

LIVE AT LEEDS 7" EP (Open Records, 1993)


HERESY/CONCRETE SOX split LP (Earache Records, 1987)


NEVER SLIT THANKS CD (Toy's Factory Inc., 1990)

VOICE YOUR OPINION LP/CD (Lost & Found Records, 1992)

VISIONS OF FEAR LP/CD (Lost & Found Records, 1992)


NORTH ATLANTIC NOISE ATTACK 2xLP (Manic Ears Records, 1988)